Work on phase 13, the addition of a new section onto the Porta del Paradiso Mausoleum, is proceeding very smoothly. The mausoleum is located in a charming natural setting with two rainwater-fed ponds that supply the irrigation system for a large part of the landscaping. This new construction uses geothermal energy, a first in Quebec, in keeping with our environmental commitment. Modern in design, innovative and in harmony with the environment, this building meets families’ needs and continues the evolution, mission and continuity of the Laval Cemetery and these meaningful places for future generations. For more information, please contact us by telephone at (514) 727-2847 or (450) 661-7017 or by e-mail at ventes@cimetierelaval.com.


The very first low-impact natural cemetery in Prévost, Québec, is now associated with a major firm in the funeral sector, becoming the first Ambassador for Magnus Poirier services. Les Sentiers, a natural burying ground for cremation urns, will be providing the full range of services of the well-known funeral home, family owned for five generations, founded in 1923 by Magnus Poirier.


This year, the person who was so dear to your heart will not be with you to celebrate the holiday season. But, you’re probably not in a mood to celebrate. It’s normal to dread this time: “The holiday season definitely stirs painful emotions, especially if work was keeping our mind busy. Perhaps you might want to respect certain traditions as a way to remember the deceased or you might instead wish to get rid of these rituals to give an entirely new meaning to this season.” What’s for sure, it will not be the same. Here are some suggestions that should hopefully help you through this time.


The Laval and Les Sentiers de Prévost Cemeteries as well as Magnus Poirier invite you to remember those that have crossed our paths, sometimes for many years and that often in the prime of their lives that have left this earth prematurely.

A Tribute to Mr. Jacques Parizeau

On June 1, 2015, Quebec lost one of its most steadfast defenders, Mr. Jacques Parizeau, aged 84. This Sunday June19, a ceremony in his honour has been held at the Laval Cemetery. Mr. Parizeau’s family has chosen this serene location to enable anyone wanting to stop by for a few moments to reflect on and remember him to do so. "We love him and we will love him forever," wrote Mr. Parizeau’s wife on the day of his death. Mrs. Lisette Lapointe and members of the family will be joined by many others this Sunday at 1 p.m. for the inauguration of the tomb and the unveiling of the monument dedicated to this great man who loved Quebec and its people. View pictures of the inauguration ceremony and dedication, followed by the unveiling of the monument bu clicking UNVEILING


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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Annual Perinatal Loss Remembrance Day

On behalf of the Magnus Poirier family and myself, I have the pleasure of inviting you to take part in our...

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